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The EOS Public Blockchain

We’re proud to welcome Google Cloud to the EOS Public Blockchain as a Block Producer Candidate. Learn more about Google’s participation and other EOS initiatives.

#BuiltOnEOSIO Spotlight: BlockBase

A scalable private blockchain database storage solution

EOSIO is the leading open-source blockchain platform that enables transparency in transactions at the speed and scale needed to solve real-world challenges. We believe transparent and decentralized systems will keep users and builders in control and help architect integrity into our world.




Built for public or private blockchain networks, customizable to suit your business needs.



Secure processing designed for mass adoption with industry-leading transaction speeds.


Developer and consumer- friendly design built for practical real-world use cases

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We are continuously improving the developer experience. Check-out our latest news, tools, and engineering resources designed to help you successfully build on EOSIO.

Developer Portal

Head to the EOSIO Developer Portal for in-depth tutorials and the Getting Started Guide.

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Elemental Battles

Learn blockchain by building your first game on Elemental Battles: an interactive, fantasy-world platform that helps you get started.

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