Voting in the EOS community

Learn, share, and vote. Our collective action can have real impact on the future of the EOS Public Blockchain.


Our voting philosophy

Voting helps align interests among token holders, developers, and network operators, which paves the way for innovation. We vote to prioritize network security, encourage constructive participation, and promote transparency.

We take into account candidates’ contributions to the EOS Public Blockchain ecosystem, as well as their participation in and support for community programs, initiatives, and contributions (whether ours or others’).

To see which candidates we currently vote for, please visit a voting portal or block explorer service, such as Aloha EOS,, EOS Authority, or EOSX.

Technical criteria
  • The location of the node is disclosed publicly in the JSON file.
  • The candidate independently operates an API or P2P node that can be queried publicly.
  • The API or P2P node runs on EOSIO 2.0 or later.
  • The candidate’s GitHub username is disclosed in the JSON file.

Share your thoughts

Do you have feedback on how we vote, our voting criteria, or anything else related to voting on the EOS Public Blockchain? Share your thoughts. Your input can help the blockchain reach its maximum potential.