EOSIO Enhancement Proposals

We invite you to submit proposals for building new features, tools, design standards, and solutions on EOSIO. We believe it is important to tap into the collective knowledge and talent of the ecosystem and give the community a voice in defining the future of EOSIO.

Supporting an open source model

We believe an open-source development approach is essential for the growth of EOSIO. Through our EOSIO Enhancement Proposals (EEPs) program our goal is to fuel a more stable, performant, and secure EOSIO by establishing a channel of communication for community members to exchange ideas and proposed protocol improvements. EEP submissions will inform the EOSIO product roadmap and our continued contribution to the community. More ideas, more collaboration will lead to more innovation.

The EEP program is not a forum channel to obtain funding for projects through Block.one. The purpose of EEPs is to create an official channel for input for the EOSIO protocol.