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Case Study: OmniOne

OmniOne built a decentralized identity solution that uses the native framework of EOSIO networks to associate multiple public keys with a single account and a Proof of Authority consensus model, similar to Delegated Proof of Stake, to increase confidence in authentication.

Solution Overview:

  • Portable Verification
    A user can request verification from issuers that serve as certification authorities that help to prove identity.
  • Designed for Adoption
    Built for adoption by financial organizations, medical facilities, government entities, or educational institutions.
  • Privacy
    Users have domain over when and where their credentials are used, and who can access them.
  • Reduced Risk
    Blockchain-backed credentials reduce the risk of doing business for service providers.

“Our platform is based on EOSIO, which ensures a high degree of scalability, enabling the OmniOne Network to run smoothly while supporting a high volume of transactions.”

Alex David, OmniOne Business Developer

Tags: EOSIO, Identity, Government, OMNI, Blockchain, Case Study