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Case Study: Chainflux

Chainflux improves traceability and compliance for supply chains by configuring EOSIO to operate on a Proof of Authority (PoA) based consensus mechanism.

Solution Overview:

  • Granular Tracking
    Chainflux improves quality assurance using a private blockchain to power its IoT sensor network integrated supply chain solution for traceability and verification, so that every step in the supply chain can be tracked and registered to a tamper-proof blockchain entry.
  • Data Privacy and Sharing
    Chainflux optimizes its systems for privacy by making some data available while keeping other, more sensitive data private. This level of control allows parties to rely on blockchain verification without compromising privacy, and reduces the capacity for data breaches.
  • Custom Consensus Configuration
    EOSIO’s unique flexibility allowed Chainflux to reconfigure the platform to build a PoA consensus model where official organizations, government entities, regulators, and more, can validate authentic transactions and invalidate fraudulent ones.

“We saw the emergence of a lot of opportunity for private blockchains, which is where we started our journey.”

Abhinav Ramesh, Founder of Chainflux

Tags: EOSIO, Supply Chain, Traceability, Provenance, Chainflux, Blockchain, Case Study