The EOS Public Blockchain

We are committed to engaging with public blockchain communities that use EOSIO software. We believe an open and decentralized public network fosters innovation and growth for all.

EOS Public Blockchain

EOS Stake-Based Voting & Rewards Proposal

Join and the global blockchain community to to evaluate a staking rewards proposal for the EOS Public Blockchain.

EOS Nation and EOS Asia to ignite community innovation

Backed by, two community leaders are building an open-source crowdfunding platform to nurture curiosity and cultivate a vibrant EOS Public Blockchain.

Google Cloud joins EOS

We’re proud to welcome Google Cloud to the EOS community as a block producer candidate. Keep reading for more information.

Built and run by the community

The EOS Public Blockchain was created by thousands of developers around the globe who harnessed the power of EOSIO to write the future. Today, it is among the most active public blockchains in the world.

Fueled by EOSIO

Built on the open-source software framework of EOSIO, EOS is flexible, transparent, and resilient, which enables people to create decentralized apps for the real world.

Supported by

We’re investing in the future of EOS because we believe in its ability to shape a better world. That’s why we’re helping educate the community and providing the tools necessary for success.

What is EOS?

The EOS Public Network is a blockchain that operates on Delegated Proof of Stake, built on the open-source software framework of EOSIO. EOS empowers people and organizations to create and access a wide range of decentralized applications and ecosystems. Although we participate in the governance of the EOS Public Network, it is not controlled by any single entity, but guided by a cooperative community of digital asset holders.

A thriving community building on EOSIO

The EOSIO community expands every day, innovating on EOSIO and building a better world on blockchain. To learn more about the projects, discover applications, or start building, head to the EOSIO Developer Portal.