The EOS Public Blockchain seeks to actively engage with public blockchain communities that use EOSIO software. We believe in helping promote ideas that foster open, organized, and decentralized public network operations.

Google Cloud Joins EOS

We welcome Google Cloud as an EOS network block producer candidate. For full details, read the press release.

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Built and Run by the Community

The EOS network is the most active public blockchain in the world. It was created by thousands of developers around the world who harnessed the power of EOSIO to write the future.

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Fueled by EOSIO

Built on the open-source software framework of EOSIO, EOS is flexible, transparent, and resilient. This helps people build decentralized apps for the real world.

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We invest in the future of EOS because we believe in its ability to shape a better world. That’s why we help educate the community and provide the tools needed for success.

Our Newest Initiative

The EOS Resource Model Proposal

The EOS Resource Model Proposal aims to increase resource access for EOS token holders, as well as align resource cost with usage, and further reduce the cost of transacting. We invite you to tell us what you think of the proposal, test the model, and join the bounty program.

Our Thriving Community

EOSIO Public Networks

The Public Blockchain community expands everyday, innovating on EOSIO and building a better world on blockchain. For a curated list or to start building yourself, head to the EOSIO Developer Portal to learn more.


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