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Who is – a producer of highly scalable, high-performance, open-source software – is at the forefront of developing the next generation of the internet. We make it our mission to build a more secure and connected world.

Why build on EOSIO?

EOSIO is a blockchain platform designed for the real world and recognized as the most performant blockchain platform. It is built for public or private, and permissioned or permissionless blockchain infrastructure. EOSIO is also adaptable to suit a wide range of business needs across industries with rich role-based security permissions and industry-leading throughput. Moreover, it’s designed for secure application processing.

Building on EOSIO follows familiar development patterns and programming languages used by existing non-blockchain applications. This means  developers can create a seamless user experience with development tools they already know and love. Learn more about EOSIO in this video.

Why should people pay attention to blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology profoundly changes how businesses operate and are structured. In this video, the team explains why you should pay attention now, to what blockchain means for the future.

What is a blockchain?

People describe blockchain technology in different ways, but at its core, a blockchain is a public digital ledger that records transactions inside a given network. These transactions are publicly verifiable and cryptographically secure. In this video,’s founder and CEO Brendan Blumer describes how blockchain is simply a secure version of the internet that enables mass scalable secure data transfers.

What is a “smart contract”?

A smart contract combines a legal contract with code to automate the execution of specific terms of an agreement between parties in an objective way. Dan Larimer, former CTO of, and Bart Wyatt, from our Engineering team, explain more in this video.