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Why Build on EOSIO?

EOSIO is a blockchain platform designed for the real world. Built for both public and private use cases, EOSIO is customizable to suit a wide range of business needs across industries with rich role-based security permissions, industry-leading speeds and secure application processing. Building on EOSIO follows familiar development patterns and programming languages used by existing non-blockchain applications so developers can create a seamless user experience using development tools they already know and love.

What projects are building on EOSIO?

On EOSIO, businesses across a multitude of sectors and industries are moving quickly to build a decentralized future for commerce and communications. In this video, key members of the team, including our Head of Developer Relations, Serg Metelin, describe the EOSIO ecosystem.

How are Transactions Feeless on EOSIO?

With blockchain platforms that use a proof-of-work consensus mechanism, there are fees for each transaction processed. EOSIO eliminates these by having the network shoulder the burden of these costs – through inflation – rather than making the individual users of the network pay to access its combined resources. In other words, ownership of tokens covers any incidental costs involved.

Is EOSIO Centralized?

In EOSIO, token holders can elect 21 block producers to process transactions, which distributes power amongst the token holders and aligns the interests of all parties involved. The biggest difference between EOSIO and other blockchain protocols is how much we have decentralized the core concepts of the chain.

Is Launching the EOSIO Blockchain?

“EOSIO blockchains can only be launched by communities,” said our CEO Brendan Blumer. Rather than having one entity control the blockchain, multiple parties come together to validate transactions, making it a truly decentralized system.


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