PowerUp Model

Join and the global blockchain community to improve resource allocation on the EOS Public Blockchain.


About the model

In September 2020, we launched a collaborative program to test a novel EOSIO resource model. The model aimed to enhance resource management on EOSIO public chains, namely the EOS Public Blockchain. 

Since then, we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the model we call, the EOS PowerUp Model. 

With the proposed model, a user can pay a fee and power up their account for 24 hours to transact on the network. Additionally, EOS token holders can deposit unused EOS tokens to receive a percentage of the power up fees generated by the entire network. 

The testing program is complete and we now invite the EOS community to drive the deployment and adoption of the EOS PowerUp Model for the EOS Public Blockchain.


Explore & build

See how the EOSIO code works behind the EOS PowerUp Model.

The testnets

Test the EOS PowerUp Model through two community-operated testnets.