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Case Study: Ultra

Ultra is developing a game distribution platform and marketplace with built-in wallet service that brings new users to blockchain while EOSIO runs in the background.

Solution Overview:

  • Game Distribution Platform
    EOSIO-Based NFTs allow game developers to determine secondary market attributes.
  • Incentive Program
    Seamless integration with crypto and NFT rewards for players for games.
  • A Streaming Platform
    Audiences of all kinds can pick and choose among their favorite influencer broadcasts and interact, all in-platform.
  • Pre-Configured Infrastructure
    Ultra provides an all encompassing solution with an infrastructure layer built on top of EOSIO, negating the need for a traditional server architecture.

“Working on an EOSIO base allows us to hire more easily experienced developers. The game industry has always been coding in C++, it makes everything simpler for us.”

Nicolas Gilot, Ultra Co-CEO

Tags: EOSIO, Gaming, Game Development, ULTRA, Streaming, Blockchain, Case Study