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This Week’s #AskBlockone Answers: Stack Exchange, Javascript Libraries, Community Meet-ups

A big thank you to all who have submitted #AskBlockone questions via Twitter. This week answers are on the EOSIO Stack Exchange, Javascript libraries, and connecting with other developers around the world. Keep your questions coming and don’t forget to #AskBlockone.

@CaptainCryptoHD asks #AskBlockone: Does your @CaptainCryptoHD project have a Javascript library for developers to interact with the EOS testnet blockchain?

Thanks for the question @CaptainCryptoHD! Yes, there are several JavaScript libraries available depending on what you want to do with them. Check out this one at and the other eosjs projects on GitHub.

-Blockchain Development Team

@delans asks #AskBlockone: Hi team @EOS_io , the Stack Exchange is not operational yet. What can we do to fix this together ASAP? I’m sure it will be an amazing resource soon! #AskBlockOne

Thank you @delans, it’s great to have such a supportive community. We are almost there: we only need 11 more people with 200+ rep on any other Stack Exchange site to get to the next phase of the EOSIO Stack Exchange. The best way to support the initiative is to spread the news! You can share this link with your friends: and ask them to do the same. If they’re not so familiar with EOSIO technology, you can suggest they can visit the EOSIO website: Here’s another useful starting point for developers: a presentation by our Head of Developer Relations, Serg Metelin, given during a developer update in January:

At the end of the day, EOSIO is open-source software, so the more people who know about it the better for the product! Thank you for your support and we are very excited that the EOSIO Stack Exchange will be up and running soon!

-Developer Relations Team

@ablejoseph asks #AskBlockone: @EOS_io do you have an active developer community using EOSIO in India? If not, would you help in creating awareness, establishing a community, which may give rise to dApps that are customized for the region and more?

Yes we do @ablejoseph! And thanks for flagging the importance of applications that work to answer specific regional needs — it’s central to the notion of decentralization that local communities are empowered to shape their own futures in an increasingly globalized world. In India there is an active and growing community and to date Meet-up events have been hosted in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi. Connect with those groups over at

-Developer Relations Team

@AkshOmEOS asks #AskBlockone: How can one start to meet other EOS followers at his/her local area or country? How can I start a meetup group and what would do to support? Would be nice if there can be a registry of fellow developers to build up a team for a nice project.

Important question, @AkshOmEOS, and one that’s answered in full on this Medium post. Meet-up groups are the lifeblood of our community and we support them however we can; for more on that, please visit or contact our events team at [email protected]. We don’t currently have a registry as such, but the community is constantly growing and changing and the best way to meet and team up with fellow developers is to either attend events or connect via the EOS Developers group on Telegram. Our CTO Dan Larimer and members of our Developer Relations team regularly post on that channel, so it’s a great place to really connect with the people who know EOSIO best.

-The Events Team

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