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EOSIO Release Recap – May 2020

In the interest of community support we continue to patch earlier builds with various bug fixes and stability updates in parallel with the releases of our latest builds.

This article contains a summary of the most recent updates for EOSIO and Elemental Battles.


EOSIO-explorer v1.2.0

On May 5, 2020 we released eosio-explorer v1.2.0, updating it to EOSIO v 2.0.5.

EOSIO v2.0.5

On April 21, 2020 we released EOSIO v2.0.5. Updates in this release include security, stability, and other changes.



  • Addressed a time-out issue with trace_api_plugin as it is very likely that the default value of http-max-response-time-ms must be increased for large blocks
  • Fixed potential leak in OC’s wrapped_fd move assignment operator

Other Changes:

  • Added compressed file support for trace_api_plugin to reduce redundancy in the data stream
  • Changed the RPC call v1/trace_api/get_block to allow for asynchronous HTTP support and the get_block command to run on the configurable http-threads pool as opposed to the main application thread
  • Merged changes on the develop branch to 2.0.x
  • Modified abi_serializer to utilize a yield function rather than a deadline and recursion depth check
  • Fixed too many bytes in flight error info
  • Introduced asynchronous HTTP API registration
  • Resolved spurious HTTP related test failure
  • Removed requirement to have python2 to build EOSIO
  • Resolved issue where names with characters caused a step in Buildkite to fail
  • Increased get info priority to medium high
  • Fixed issue where a second node is started from the same snapshot as the node being synced from
  • Removed assert check for error code 400
  • Addressed issue with macos-10.14 build image
  • Fixed boost 1.73 beta builds by replacing boost::bind with std::bind
  • Added support for LLVM 10.0 for EOS VM to ensure easy out-of-the-box building
  • Replaced bc with shell arithmetic to prevent user configuration failures when scale values are set to greater than 0
  • Identified issue causing plugin_tests failures where the core symbol is other than 4.sys
  • Resolved an issue where $BLOCKSIZE values created issues for arithmetic expressions
  • Fixed issue with the State History Plugin sending out blocks on a one block delay
  • Implemented support to run cicd scripts from different environments
  • Introduced option to start build where all tests may be run in the CICD pipeline
  • Removed leading $ chars from shell codeblocks in
  • Reorganized content and improved Trace API overview
  • Fixed double titles in plugins
  • Improved API reference introduction
  • Updated manual build instructions

EOSIO-swift v0.4.0

On April 14, 2020 we released eosio-swift v0.4.0.

Elemental Battles

On April 27, 2020 we released Elemental Battles v1.1.12, updating it to EOSIO v 2.0.5. 

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A special thanks to members of the EOSIO community who submitted patches for this release: @cc32d9 and @maoueh. Our ongoing goal is to augment and improve our growing suite of EOSIO software, tools, and resources. If you would like to offer feedback and work more closely with our team to improve EOSIO for developers, you can send our developer relations team an email at [email protected].

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