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EOSIO Enhancement Proposals: Accelerating Innovation and Building with Open-source

We are excited to revamp the EOSIO Enhancement Proposals (EEPs) program. The goal of the EEPs program is to expand our open source model and fuel a more stable, performant, secure, and innovative EOSIO. It is our hope that the EEPs program will establish a formal channel of communication for the community to propose new features, tools, design standards and solutions that advance the platform.

We believe it is important to tap into the collective knowledge and talent of our global community. Through the EEPs program, protocol improvements and new features will be discussed and developed.

Guidelines for EOSIO Enhancement Proposals

The goal of the EEPs program is to continue to evolve and scale EOSIO, and to give the community a voice in defining its future.

Submissions are open to all. Anyone in the community may submit a proposal here or provide technical feedback on existing proposals. Each EEP submission should include detailed documentation to describe the new feature and its impact to the community and comply with the Guidelines. The EEP should also provide a concise technical specification, community benefit or use case, and rationale for the feature. EEP authors are responsible for building consensus within the community and documenting dissenting opinions. This program is only for the EOSIO protocol and is intended to be chain-agnostic.

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We have published the first EEP with a detailed overview of the purpose and guidelines of the EEPs program. Existing proposals by EOS Canada and Greymass are included in the new EEPs repository: 

  1. EEP Purpose & Guidelines
  2. Linking Accounts to Web Properties
  3. Proposed EOSIO Token Standard
  4. Creating standard `type` for use with contract – ARCHIVED
  5. Silent alerting through on-chain permissions
  6. EOS Mainnet Extension Chains
  7. EOSIO Signing Request (ESR)

Currently, we are adding a new submission for a proposed EOSIO token standard that will allow for the development of common APIs to query token contracts and enable contract validation checks. Please review the proposal and provide your feedback on Telegram.

Moving forward, we will consider EEP submissions as an input for the EOSIO development roadmap. EEPs will be instrumental in helping to support a community-led, open source model where we can build a stronger EOSIO.

We appreciate your contributions and technical feedback on EEP submissions. All community members are encouraged to get involved. 

Learn more about how you can get started:

  • Join the EEPs Telegram group
  • Review the existing proposals and provide your technical feedback and thoughts on Telegram 

For more information on EEPs, contact us at [email protected].

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