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How Spielworks Built a Crypto Rewards and Loyalty Platform on EOSIO

FinLab EOS VC Fund company Spielworks, formerly CHAINWISE Group, is the creative force behind two applications on EOSIO that work together to introduce crypto rewards to mass-market gaming by onboarding newcomers with rapid EOS account setup.

Founder and CEO Adrian Krion has a background in mathematics and computer science. He previously spent seven years in the finance industry working with Deutsche Börse. Adrian got his start in the blockchain community in Berlin before founding CHAINWISE Group, which would later become Spielworks, in 2018.

Adrian is joined by Co-Founder and COO Alexander Heckel, who is responsible for business development, business intelligence, and finance. Alexander has a background in consulting and a Master of Science degree in Management and Economics.

Together, Adrian, Alexander, and team are helping to onboard mainstream gamers to EOSIO blockchain-based games by streamlining account creation with Wombat wallet. Since its launch in June 2019 Wombat attracted more than 350,000 users in 160 countries and is the only wallet available on Android, iOS, and Google Chrome offering free EOS accounts.

With approximately 35% market share of total EOS accounts in 2020 and more than 70,000 monthly active users, Adrian describes Wombat as an effortless onboarding solution for blockchain gaming. “When we got into the space we looked at blockchain gaming as a broad theme and we realized that EOSIO is very well suited to cater to that, with low transaction costs, and high throughput.”

Adrian says that Wombat’s wallet solution takes EOS public network account creation down to 20 seconds. Once account creation is complete with Wombat, gamers can connect their wallets to the Womplay gaming network to earn crypto rewards while they play.

Womplay introduces Mass-Market Gamers to Crypto Rewards

Spielworks recently launched Womplay, a crypto reward platform for gamers, on top of Wombat. Originally, Womplay offered rewards for games that had traditionally been compatible with Wombat accounts. Today, Womplay offers rewards on mainstream titles including Forge of Empires, Hero Zero, and Elvenar, in addition to all major blockchain titles built on EOSIO.

“We wanted to have big mainstream mobile games,” says Adrian. “The first one was Forge of Empires. We’re currently integrating quite a few more games and also talking to many European game publishers.”

To further incentivize gamers to play, Womplay features a rotating bonus rewards system as well as numerous competitive challenges.

Womplay also hosts dozens of quick-play games, which Adrian describes as “hyper casual HTML5 games that you can play right away without needing to install them.”

Spielworks Reduces Barriers To Entry For Traditional Gamers

Together, Wombat and Womplay bring the benefits of blockchain to mass-market gaming by offering true ownership of digital assets, secure handling of tokens, and frictionless onboarding.

To make it easier for gamers to get used to the idea of blockchain-powered games, the Spielworks team tried to make the experience as close to a traditional interface as possible. Initial account creation is done with an email address, and any touch points with the blockchain are deferred until players cash out their rewards.

To facilitate cashing out, Womplay uses an on-platform digital currency called Wombucks, which is not a blockchain-based token, but instead can be redeemed for EOS tokens. Wombucks can also be used to participate in casual events held every week where players can contribute them and earn their share of the prize pool. 

Adrian explains that once players cash out for the first time, Womplay takes them through the steps of linking an EOS account to Wombat. “It’s entirely non-custodial. We create a new user account for you and you hold the private key in your backup location. Then you can import this backup into Wombat, withdraw your EOS tokens and start using your EOS right away.”

Game Publishers Integrate Crypto Rewards With Womplay

Alexander has a twofold perception of how game publishers see the blockchain space. “On the one hand, publishers are super excited because they have just heard about blockchain. They know that blockchain enables a new means for value creation for both the publishers and the players, and adds more value in terms of collecting things and selling Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).”

However while publishers are curious about the opportunities blockchains have to offer, Alexander says they are also skeptical. “This is why Womplay is such a unique approach. It gives publishers security to distribute their games via Womplay in a fashion similar to other channels that they are already used to.”

Once a game is integrated with Womplay, a game publisher’s audience will get first-hand experience collecting token rewards that incentivize them to achieve milestones in the game. “This impacts their retention rates within their games and purchasing patterns,” says Alexander.

Alexander believes Womplay has the potential to be the biggest onramp for first-time users to the blockchain. “We can see that more than 50% convert into wallet users in Wombat. The numbers we see on a daily basis in terms of sign-ups are just incredible. Users who have never even heard of crypto suddenly become EOS token holders.” 

The Team Behind Spielworks

Spielworks founder and CEO, Adrian Krion

Adrian Krion 

Spielworks founder and CEO Adrian Krion started programming at age 7 and built his first trading simulation game two years later. He has degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and developed and launched several markets and trading applications dealing with commodities. A Bitcoin investor since early 2013, his professional career took a turn into the blockchain space in 2016. Adrian has founded several companies, the latest being Spielworks, and is the mind behind widely adopted products including Wombat wallet.

Spielworks Co-Founder and COO Alexander Heckel

Alexander Heckel

Spielworks Co-Founder and COO Alexander Heckel holds a Master of Science in Management & Economics and began his professional career in the consulting industry. He quickly moved on to the startup space to follow his passion for technology that scales to solve real-world problems. Alexander helped build and scale two startups by more than 10x before he joined Spielworks and the blockchain industry. Today, he is responsible for business development, business intelligence, and finance.

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