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Buddy Offers Solutions For Developers By Developers

CEO Simon Szczepankowski gives us the lowdown on Buddy’s continuous delivery platform, which makes smart contract implementation easy

How would you describe Buddy?

Simon Szczepankowski: It’s a continuous delivery platform for EOSIO-based DAPPs. With Buddy, building and deploying EOSIO DAPPs is automated; it streamlines the release of smart contracts on the blockchain every time a change is introduced to the code. This saves a lot of time and allows EOS developers to focus more on new coding rather than running lots of commands time after time. It’s also perfect for EOS Global Hackathons when there are a lot of app iterations. Buddy’s automation makes front-end implementation a breeze.

Where did your initial idea come from?

Simon Szczepankowski: As a company, we already help off-chain developers automate their work. Our off-chain solution is used by companies like INC. Magazine and CGI, a leading outsourcing company. As the blockchain revolution got underway, we decided to be part of it by adapting our platform to support blockchain-based DAPPs.

Buddy developers are pictured at the company’s base in Krakow, Poland.

Can you introduce your team and tell us what makes it special?

Simon Szczepankowski: We’re a company of 20 people, mostly developers, with many years of experience in continuous integration and delivery. Our solutions are made for developers by developers, and that is what we love about our work. The value of our work is recognized by organizations such as Google, Amazon Web Services and Github, all of which deliver Buddy to their users via their own marketplaces.

What stage is the project at and what are your plans for scaling up?

Simon Szczepankowski: Buddy is a working product and our commitment to EOSIO is a long-term one. Our team continuously keeps up with the newest EOSIO developments and updates our EOSIO support so that developers can keep building and creating without interruption. Buddy will soon be open-sourced, and we hope to keep engaging the EOS community as we continue to offer dedicated tooling to help developers build better EOS DAPPs faster.

Why did you decide to use blockchain technology, and specifically EOSIO?

Simon Szczepankowski: We started with EOSIO because change is part of its DNA. As the slogan says: “Build on Change. Build on EOSIO.” EOS allows the code of existing smart contracts to be updated, and Buddy facilitates this by automating all the maintenance involved. Also, EOS, with its ability to process thousands of transactions per second, and its minimal associated fees and confirmation times, is the best next-generation blockchain. We’re excited to be part of the transformation this brings.

How has the EOS community responded to your project?

Simon Szczepankowski: At first, people were surprised that EOS had a dedicated DevOps tool so soon after its release but there is a general recognition that it makes the ecosystem even more exciting. We are now also introducing EOS to our current user-base of app and web developers. They can instantly add trust logic to their projects using EOS. It’s huge for us that we’ve been able to contribute to blockchain adoption among developers who may have thought it was something from the distant future.

More information on the Buddy app available on

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-Developer Relations team

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