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Team NouGit Wins Top Award at’s Largest-Ever EOS Global Hackathon Event in San Francisco

  • NouGit is a project that incentivizes Git repositories
  • Winning teams take home combined $144,000 in prizes awarded by EOS VC
  • Social impact prize awarded to EOS_ebt Food Stamps

San Francisco, November 11, 2018 –, publisher of the ground-breaking EOSIO blockchain protocol, brought its fourth EOS Global Hackathon to the United States, hosting 475 participants from 26 countries at The Village in San Francisco. The company’s EOS VC business unit awarded US$144,000 in prizes to the top three winners.

The top prize of US$100,000 was won by Team NouGit, which used the EOSIO protocol to create a decentralized and incentivized Git repositories.

Participants were challenged to: Build an EOSIO application that fosters a fundamental competitive advantage by implementing a business model that aligns interests among stakeholders and/or drives more value back to users.

“The EOS community is unlike anything I’ve seen in blockchain,” said Colby Gilbert of Team NouGit. “We’ve been in the space since 2013, and you could cut the excitement with a knife in there among all the teams. It’s just been absolutely amazing feeling, which started a couple of weeks before the hackathon even began.”

“Blockchain technology solves real world efficiency problems by improving secure coordination among businesses and their respective stakeholders,” said CTO Dan Larimer. “It is going to transform traditional business models. will continue to drive mass adoption of the EOSIO platform, empowering more and more developers to build world-changing applications.”

A second prize of $25,000 was awarded to Pollinate, which built an app that facilitates last mile deliveries by incentivizing people to pick up and deliver packages for a percentage of the shipping fee.

Six Degrees took the third-place prize and $10,000 with an application that helps facilitate need-based personal and professional connections using the EOSIO protocol.

The Greatest Social Impact Prize was awarded to EOS_ebt Food Stamps, which used the EOSIO protocol to create a project to allow people with food stamps to purchase groceries online.

“ continues to be one of the leaders in the blockchain revolution, both in terms of providing the underlying EOSIO blockchain platform as well as creating the pre-conditions for the technology’s broader adoption,” said judge and Galaxy Digital Founder and CEO Mike Novogratz. “The hackathon was an amazing event. It was exciting to meet members of the EOSIO developer community and see how they’ve built on and leveraged the underlying technology.”

“What we’ve seen today reinforces that we’ve only scratched the surface of what blockchain technology is capable,” said Mike Lempres of Coinbase, who also judged. “Players like, who are providing a platform for developers to explore these possibilities, will continue to drive forward and uncover the next generation of secure internet infrastructure.”

Full winners list

Top prizes

  • First Prize, $100,000 – Team NouGit
  • Second Prize, $25,000 – Pollinate 
  • Third Prize, $10,000 – Six Degrees

Secondary prizes

  • Best Social Impact, $3,000 – EOS EBT Food Stamps
  • Best User Experience, $3,000 – EOSHive
  • Best Social Media Post, $3,000 – Ky Primo

San Francisco judges

  • Dan Larimer, CTO,
  • Rob Jesudason, President,
  • Mike Lempres, Chief Policy Officer, Coinbase
  • Mike Novogratz, Founder and CEO, Galaxy Digital
  • Margot Edelman, Vice President, Edelman
  • Philip Rosedale, Co-founder and CEO, High Fidelity
  • W. Bradford Stephens, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Blockchain Capital

The San Francisco edition follows EOS Global Hackathon events in Hong Kong, Sydney and London, with EOS VC set to award total of US$1.5 million when the series wraps up in December. Each hackathon event features a unique challenge for developers to “hack” by designing blockchain applications with real-world utility using EOSIO code.

The top three prize winners, as well as the team selected for the Best Social Impact Award, will join the winning teams from three previous events and compete in a Grand Finale Pitch Competition in Cape Town, South Africa on December 7.


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