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EOSIO™ Strategic Vision: Enterprise Blockchain (Part 4 of 4)

An evolving marketplace demands new innovations. It means developers must produce robust, secure, reliable software. The EOSIO™ Strategic Vision hones in on four specific developmental areas that make up the foundation of the platform: Scalability, Developers, Users, and Enterprise. In this fourth and final entry of the Strategic Vision series, we will discuss the complex needs of EOSIO Enterprise Blockchain customers and how the EOSIO platform will evolve to meet them.

The following topics of focus are detailed in pillar 4 of the EOSIO Strategic Vision:

High-Performance Consensus Algorithms

Businesses need efficient processing solutions to keep services live, so in order for blockchain technology to meet the needs of enterprise businesses, it’s essential for blockchain software to scale. Consensus is at the core of many of the benefits of blockchain like immutability, validation, and security thus improving consensus solutions to increase speed to finality remains a priority for EOSIO blockchain performance. Our research continues to improve custom-tooled, fault tolerant, and highly-performant consensus algorithms that intermesh to meet enterprise grade needs.

Tools for Regulatory Compliance

In order for blockchain technology adoption to scale on an enterprise level, solutions must meet regulatory requirements across regions. Larger companies that operate internationally must comply with complex regulations and their technology solutions of choice must rise to meet those needs. Inherently, the immutability and transparency of any blockchain lends itself to audit and compliance. The ability to work within an ever evolving regulatory environment is a cornerstone of the flexibility of the EOSIO platform. With that in mind, we continue to explore ways to evolve the ways in which EOSIO can be implemented across both public and private use cases to align with various regulatory needs. This includes research into ways applications can store data on the blockchain that can be selectively removed as regulations require without compromising the integrity of the blockchain data.

Token Creation

To better serve businesses wishing to create their own token, we’re creating simple interfaces that reduce technical barriers. This will make it possible to rapidly issue and manage a token without having to deploy a contract. There are a variety of ways tokens are being implemented beyond financial use cases in businesses, and as the utilities for tokens expand we are dedicated to lowering the technical barriers to developing new token standards on EOSIO to meet enterprise needs. Remember that even though token creation is possible as a technical matter, each token’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations must be assessed.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Security is a pillar upon which EOSIO has always focused and evolved as the software continues to grow. There are many aspects of security, some of which stem from implementing secure data storage practices to security standards like WebAuthn and even improved user experience. Our team is looking at integrating multi-signature authentication and enabling hardware keys for block producers, in addition to bolstering the infrastructure for key storage and permission systems. This will deliver enterprises a means to better protect the accounts by implementing more dynamic security measures.

EOSIO Specification Repository

The community effort towards building stable, efficient, and scalable EOSIO blockchains remains ongoing and we will continue to provide support and resources. We are continuing to implement various facets of the EOSIO Strategic Vision and during this crucial stage the feedback we receive from researchers, application developers, and other members of the community makes an impact. This effort is spearheaded by the Specification Repository, an EOSIO Labs™ initiative to support greater synergy amongst stakeholders in our growing ecosystem. If interested in getting involved, please review the specifications drafted and provide feedback directly in GitHub as we work through the implementation of these features in EOSIO.

Continue reading about the additional pillars of the Strategic Vision below:

  • Scalability – More apps, more users
  • Developers – Better tooling, faster app development
  • Users – Greater security, less friction

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The EOSIO blockchain platform has been designed from the ground up to scale and meet the needs of enterprise entities. We will continue to iterate beneficial changes as we receive feedback from the participants who make use of our technology and provide us input. If you would like to offer feedback and work more closely with our team to improve EOSIO for developers, you can send our developer relations team an email at [email protected].

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