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EOSIO’s raw speed and performance can now be leveraged across the wider blockchain ecosystem, publisher of the EOSIO blockchain, announced today that Syed Jafri is the winner of the EOSIO Challenge. Syed will be awarded US$200,000 for winning the community-focused competition.

The EOSIO Challenge called for developers around the world to create an application running on an EOSIO blockchain that provides a full Ethereum application environment, much like a virtual machine, marking a significant step towards blockchain interoperability and laying the groundwork for future innovation across the industry.

Developers who are used to coding in Solidity now have a bridge that allows them to build their applications on top of a platform that gives them the benefit of operating on a free, public blockchain software, while providing superior smart contract performance that doesn’t require having to learn an entirely new code language while gaining access to a wide array of EOSIO applications. 

Demonstrating the breadth of the platform, the winning solution further demonstrates how EOSIO can be leveraged as a service offering by developers outside of the core EOSIO community. 

“This new solution enables developers familiar with Ethereum and its coding language to now build their applications while leveraging the inherent benefits of EOSIO: ease of use, traceability, auditability and a decentralized database,” said CTO Dan Larimer. “These tools are arming developers with new platforms that were previously unavailable due to differences in coding and smart contract languages, bringing the industry closer to interoperability.”

The EOSIO Challenge kicked off on February 3, 2020, with more than 800 registrants spanning six continents collaborating to help make blockchain work for everyone. The winning solution is open sourced as a developer tool and can be found here.

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