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Offering bounties for discovery of critical issues, adding resource model testing and engagement to block producer voting criteria

Successfully managing and allocating scarce computing resources across a distributed blockchain network is paramount to a network’s long-term success. Last December, we published our new resource model proposal that provided a novel alternative for EOSIO-based public blockchains to address resource issues. We believe that if this solution is adopted it would increase access to resources across all users of the EOS blockchain. This should bring true resource cost in line with actual usage and further reduce the total cost of transacting. It should also set the stage for future planned contributions to the EOS network that would further position it as the preeminent platform for decentralized financial applications and other use cases. To test our theory, we need to test the model.

Robust testing requires broad and deep participation. We’re calling upon the entire EOS developer community to participate, and we’re offering a competitive bounty with individual prizes of up to $20,000 for reporting any critical issues.  

Block producer engagement is critical; therefore, we invite block producer candidates to engage with the proposed resource model and provide the constructive feedback needed to make this project successful. We hope that, by including participation in this process of testing and feedback as part of our discretionary voting criteria, the proposal provides the intended long-term benefits.

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This resource model would be a significant transition that would take many months for the EOS community to consider and, if approved, implement, giving the EOS community ample time to become familiar with the proposed solution and prepare for potential changes. 

Effective blockchain governance consists of the decisions we all make, the methods we use to make them, and the means by which we enforce those decisions. It’s an amazing capability to successfully mobilize a distributed community of builders toward a common goal through on-chain incentivization. Capabilities like these are why we are confident that EOS will continue to lead the public blockchain space for years to come. remains committed to aligning with the long- term success, growth, and sustained development of the EOS Public Blockchain, and our voting strategy will continue to evolve to meet the dynamic needs of the network. 

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