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UPDATE: Announces EOS VC Grants Program Recipients Awards Grant Funding to 34 Companies Using EOSIO To Build Diverse Solutions

Blockchain software publisher today announced that it has awarded 34 grants to promote global entrepreneurship and the growth of the open source community using the EOSIO protocol. announced its EOS VC Grants Program in December 2019, offering $50,000 to qualified recipients who are contributing to the advancement of the EOSIO ecosystem through innovative products and services. The funding is intended to enable promising businesses using or supporting the EOSIO protocol to progress from ideas to innovations.

The funded projects represent a diverse array of industry sectors, global locations and varying stages of development. From developer tools to tree planting, the grantees will use the award to complete project milestones on their path to building solutions for general and commercial use.

“We believe that nurturing up-and-coming projects that are still in the early stages of collaboration is a powerful way to foster grassroots proliferation of blockchain technology,” said Brendan Blumer, CEO. “The variety of problems that these grant recipients are working to solve demonstrates the wide range of opportunities made possible by leveraging  EOSIO software, and we’re happy to continue supporting companies and projects of all sizes.”

The EOS VC Grants Program recipients include (in alphabetical order): 

AdNode –  AdNode automates reconciliation in digital advertising, creating accountability for the supply chain. The software eliminates waste in digital ad spending by rapidly identifying the costs and sources of viewability, brand safety and non-human traffic issues.

AnyLog – AnyLog is building the next generation decentralized IoT platform. Through a globally distributed peer-to-peer network, blockchain and massive parallelism, AnyLog provides a cost-effective solution to collect, store and extract real-time insight from IoT data.

BREACH BREACH provides consumer cyber insurance solutions against cryptocurrency exchange hacks that result in the loss of digital assets. BREACH is giving customers additional peace of mind and simplifying digital asset ownership by providing the option to insure multiple exchanges and digital assets all under a single policy.

Custos – Custos uses blockchain technology to prevent illicit media distribution by embedding crypto-bounties in each video, document or ebook that is distributed.

Digital Oracles – Digital Oracles is a growth management platform offering investors, accelerators, business angel networks and their teams much needed insights and visibility on their investments and companies in their portfolio. It offers an easy way to dynamically assess performance, monitor progress, and establish valuable goal setting methodologies in early stage businesses.

EcoMatcher – EcoMatcher plants trees and complete forests with vetted foundations and NGOs from around the world. Through technology, EcoMatcher knows everything of every tree planted offering full transparency; every tree can be virtually visited. Companies can use trees and forests for rewards, loyalty, corporate gifting, employee engagement, and transparent carbon offsetting  programs.

Forkast – Forkast is a digital media platform that covers future thinking in times of change – the stories of blockchain and emerging technology at the intersection of business, economy, and politics. 

GEER Developer of Digital Authentic Goods™, innovative digital items that can verify authenticity, drive consumer engagement, and bring real-world objects into the digital frontier. – is a decentralized platform that offers an anonymous saliva DNA extraction kit + privacy-preserving DNA data wallet to enable users to own and control their biodata as non-fungible-tokens (BioNFTs).

Genuine Way – Genuine Way is a tech service provider specializing in the development and distribution of blockchain-integrated applications for manufacturers of consumer goods in the food, fashion, cosmetics and pharma industries. Its mission is to promote conscious consumption all around the world through the use of blockchain.

Havuta – Havuta is a data collection and analysis company that provides innovative real-time impact evaluation solutions to the development sector. Its ecosystem of applications helps impact investors, development programs, and humanitarian organizations leverage the collective knowledge of local communities to drive enhanced real-time data flows. Backed by blockchain technology, Havuta makes impact verifiable and data affordable and actionable.

Herd – Herd’s mission is to make it easier for people to learn blockchain technology completely virtually.

KARMA – KARMA incentivizes users to share positive and interesting content and receive KARMA when others like their content.

Klevoya Klevoya’s mission is to help EOSIO dApp developers deliver bug free, secure code. With its  smart contract analysis and execution engine, checking for bugs and security vulnerabilities is painless.

Laava ID –  Laava Smart Fingerprints are individually unique and counterfeit protected using EOSIO blockchain technology in each smart fingerprint to allow each item to tell its own unique story; provenance, traceability, blockchain and marketing.

LimeChain – LimeChain is a blockchain and DLT solutions company that helps enterprises and blockchain startups design, build and implement blockchain. It focuses on public and private blockchain development and provides tools development.

Magic Lines – Redefining dementia and Parkinson’s by using AR to improve the life of dementia patients. Patients will be able to tokenize their data, which is stored on the blockchain using EOSIO, and monetize this data at their own discretion.

NouGit – The team behind NouGit is building a network of community management, governance and fundraising tools for maintainers and developers of open source software.

Outplay Games – OPGames is a suite of tools that enables game developers to easily plug in competitive experiences into their games through tournaments and PvP matches with crypto buy-in and payout.

PAKT – PAKT’s Smart Wardrobe™ platform is an online and offline wardrobe management solution. PAKT provides inspection and UVC light sterilization, storage in pristine conditions and a digital inventory available on your phone with on-demand deliveries. – An unconventional, Gen-Z focused crypto app that makes it fun and easy to set up custom and premade portfolios.

PUML – PUML Better Health is an engagement platform for corporates and brands to incentivize their employees to be healthy. The DApp gamifies healthy behaviors by rewarding members with reward tokens and also secures and protects their health record on EOSIO and enables its members to earn revenue from their data.

Qokka – Qokka helps companies zero in on customers and communities by leveraging mass review, chat, comment, and behavior data, using the most efficient ML and NLP tech. Qokka’s product Credible provides the essentials of everything from social listening, review management, feedback analysis, to social proof pop-ups and conversion optimizations.

SnapX Platform – SnapX is a NexGen “Verified Talent Marketplace” leveraging AI, ML, and blockchain technologies. Individuals looking for a job can create their “Verified Resume” by undergoing a SnapX Certification, which can be reused when applying for their next job, speeding up the hiring process for prospective employers.

Tabletop ID – Tabletop ID is a Nordic technology services and data analytics company utilizing near-field communication to enhance physical products. The Tabletop ID solution provides anti-counterfeit measures and encourages consumer engagement while creating a secure channel for direct marketing and communication.

TAIKAI – TAIKAI helps organizations run their hackathons and open innovation challenges,  acting as the online facilitator. Their vision is to create a future where innovators can work on challenges posted by organizations, present solutions and get rewarded.

Talksho – Talksho’s flagship product is Civol, an asynchronous video conversation platform enabling organizations of all sizes to discuss, debate, and decide the issues they face collectively. User feedback is recorded on an EOSIO blockchain. Its pilot is dedicated to COVID-19 and will be launching soon.

The Labz – The Labz is an ecosystem of content collaboration tools specially designed to support the process of aggregating and tracking creative attribution in real time.

The Writer Company – Developer of CryptoWriter, a multi-layered network of community publications designed to elevate high signal content, exposing EOSIO news and information to the greater crypto community.

TrueOrigin – TrueOrigin provides a cost-effective platform that enables anyone to create, manage and track smart readable QR codes for their products. Businesses are given the ability to enhance their digital presence, deter counterfeiting and reward consumers.

Unum ID – Unum ID helps companies instantly verify users and employees. The company provides sharified (shared, verified) identity technology. Their software turns each user’s phone into a virtual ID card that links together many verifications about that user into one identity that can be shared across business units and even across companies.

UrbanChain Group – Parkingbnb app helps drivers to find the cheapest and closest parking with enough parking spaces available upon arrival. Parkingbnb’s Smart Parking Management solution allows parking owners to increase their profit by deploying AI-based smart cameras for car plate recognition, real-time occupancy control and contactless payment together with the parking management platform.

WordProof – A holistic timestamp ecosystem. WordProof provides tools to timestamp content and ways for users, social media, and search engines to verify the integrity of any content.

Zumo – A decentralized mobile wallet and payments platform that helps users to store, send, spend and exchange cryptocurrencies and traditional money seamlessly. Zumo’s mission is to radically improve the security, cost and speed of payments globally.

To learn more about’s VC grant recipients, please visit the EOS VC website at

About EOS VC’s EOS VC program offers developers and entrepreneurs the funding they need to create community-driven businesses leveraging EOSIO. It provides support through venture capital partnership funds that aim to achieve sustained utilization of the EOSIO ecosystem by investing in a concentrated and diversified portfolio of blockchain-focused companies building on the EOSIO software. For further information, please visit and

About is a global software company specializing in high performance blockchain software. In 2018, it published EOSIO, a free, open-source protocol designed to bring speed, scalability, and ease of use to the secure and transparent fundamentals of distributed databases. invests in companies, projects, and developers around the world leveraging EOSIO technology through its EOS VC initiative.

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