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Advance Your Blockchain Skills and Knowledge

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Blockchain technology continues to grow in popularity, and a number of developers have turned their attention to smart contracts, distributed ledgers, and consensus mechanisms.

With many industries beginning to look towards blockchain-powered solutions, establishing blockchain courses for certification standards represents a logical step forward for the ecosystem. Certification standards allow developers to validate the skills needed to successfully deploy stable platforms.

That is why we are introducing EOSIO Training & Certification, offering comprehensive blockchain courses that scale in complexity and dive into a number of topics, allowing students to learn at a pace that best suits their learning process.

Blockchain Courses That Verify Developer Skills

Currently available classes cover topics including:

  1. Introduction to EOSIO – Non-Technical
    Learn about the EOSIO blockchain. This non-technical course provides you an overview of EOSIO, what makes it distinctive, and powerful for cutting-edge applications.
  2. Introduction to EOSIO – Technical
    In this course, you will be introduced to the more technical aspects of the EOSIO platform. You will become more familiar with the architecture and tools that make EOSIO blockchains run.
  3. Smart Contracts 101
    Smart contracts are the foundation of any EOSIO blockchain application. Learn more about how smart contracts work and how to use them in your development process.
  4. Smart Contracts 201
    This course builds on the knowledge you learned in Smart Contracts 101. Expand your understanding and ability to create advanced EOSIO smart contract features, learn to update EOSIO smart contract tables for existing contracts, and use data from external sources in smart contracts.
  5. Application Developer 101
    Application development on a blockchain can be complex. With this course, you will be introduced to the various considerations and architecture you need to know to build your EOSIO blockchain application.
  6. EOSIO for Ethereum Developers 101
    This course is for Ethereum developers to learn to use their existing skills to create smart contracts and applications on the EOSIO platform. It covers the EOSIO platform, the C++ programming language, and the EOSIO developer framework.

By vetting their skills, certified developers contribute to a more robust building environment composed of proctor-verified professionals. By introducing professional certifications, EOSIO will provide the next generation of blockchain engineers with a valuable set of credentials.

When certified EOSIO developers are on a team, stakeholders have greater visibility and a better understanding of the team’s capabilities and bandwidth.

Remain Competitive

An educated team increases a project’s potential for success. And while there will be times when projects cannot meet their goals due to external factors beyond control, such as those relating to market conditions or user adoption, proper training helps to ensure that unskilled developer teams are not among those factors.

A certified team may also grant legitimacy to projects in the eyes of regulatory and compliance entities. A team composed of certified professionals helps these administrative bodies determine the validity of a blockchain project from a development perspective, and may reduce the likelihood that the venture will be shut down, fined, or otherwise dampened by inquiry.

In a competitive industry, the right set of skills can be the difference between meeting objectives for a successful delivery, or returning to the drawing board. EOSIO Training & Certification provides professionals a chance to gain valuable knowledge and skills that apply to the real-world scenarios of the blockchain ecosystem.

With EOSIO blockchain certifications, blockchain developers stand apart from their uncertified peers. They show the proof of work an employer needs to make an informed decision, and hire an experienced individual.

You can now enjoy free access to all EOSIO Training & Certification courses until September 30th, 2021.

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