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Beyond Blockchain

Hosted in partnership with Google Cloud, Galaxy Interactive, and Mythical Games, the 2021 #EOSIOHackathon saw 1,315 participants from 107 countries compete to build the next wave of innovation through the power of blockchain and Google Cloud.

  • Location: Virtual

Announcing our winners

For over a month, developers and other innovators worked to build an EOSIO-based application bringing significant positive change at scale to communities around the world. Solutions this year reached a whole new level of creativity, and exhibited a number of use cases seeking to redefine the future of blockchain and cloud-based systems. The caliber of submissions was high and judged on a number of different criteria, with first place receiving US $25,000 and US $12,500 in Google Cloud Platform credits.

A decentralized application, designed to allow its users to create their own DAO’s in just minutes to manage financials, shareholders, governance & community engagement.
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Featured submissions

betnow thumb
A mutual betting platform benefitting the user and circumventing traditional bookmakers and odds fixed by third parties.
A community-driven Emergency Support Platform for local businesses based on EOSIO blockchain and the CYFAR Social Token, providing a sustainable foundation for immediate community engagement.
daogate thumb
A framework solution that makes integration of EOS and open-source services faster, easier, and more cost-efficient.
destiny world thumb
A new cryptocurrency based defi platform where you can bid on the daily share of DECO tokens and stake DECO tokens to earn lucrative interest.
finfluencers thumb
A network connecting people who need help defining, improving, and developing their financial strategy with people who have the right ideas, opinions, and expertise.
gGoods thumb
An open-source NFT standard that lets communities create tokens for crowdfunding - connecting non-profit organizations and charitable causes to their supporters worldwide.
layers thumb
PULL payment system in the blockchain space using a shared private key methodology
An application designed to store vehicle history on the blockchain promoting transparency and visibility of vehicle health, service and accident/repair.
nft thumb
A social network built on top of EOSIO and the dGoods contracts allowing users to create new posts, interact with posts that they like and purchase posts through NFT tokens.
A solution which removes the risk of ever losing KeyIDs and credentials by using WebAuthn to sign transactions and authenticate, eliminating the need for passwords, phone numbers and emails as security factors.

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What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a sprint-like event, during which participants create solutions to real-life challenges. Using creativity and technology, participants engage mentors and create prototypes, fresh concepts, and other innovations.

What is an EOSIO Hackathon?

A space for creativity and teamwork, an EOSIO Hackathon empowers engineers, designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and any other innovators to build their ideas on EOSIO blockchain software.

What is the goal of a hackathon?

Hackathons drive innovation through crowdsourced solutions. Designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and other creators collaborate to help various industries embrace new technology, test ideas before deployment, and more.

Who can participate?

Participants have varied skills and backgrounds. Whether you’re starting your tech journey, learning more, or looking to test your skills–we invite all to join.

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