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Case Study: Upland

Upland seamlessly integrates EOSIO in the background while its players enjoy a rich gaming experience.

Solution Overview:

  • Scaling to Demand
    With Upland’s audience comprising thousands of daily active users, EOSIO’s reliable back-end infrastructure continues to run smoothly.
  • Smooth Integration
    EOSIO enables Upland’s smart client to handle the complexities of private key management for every platform user behind the scenes.
  • Upgradability
    EOSIO’s flexibility means Upland can continue to roll out new game features, like an NFT gateway, microcommerce, gamification features, and more.
  • Configurable Custody
    EOSIO can be configured to handle key-based permissions in a number of ways that optimize user privacy and accommodate functionality for a blockchain-based application interface.

“EOSIO technology made perfect sense to us. As network operators we can stake resources for the sake of our users and then treat the blockchain as any part of our back-end stack.”

Idan Zuckerman, Co-Founder of Upland

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