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#AskBlockone: Answers on EOSIO Hardware Wallet Support, DAPPs, DPOS and Context-free Actions

Thanks to all who have submitted #AskBlockone questions via Twitter. This week’s answers are on EOSIO hardware wallet support, DAPPs, DPOS and context-free actions. Keep your questions coming and don’t forget to #AskBlockone.

@the_redartsirhc and @tuni97 ask #AskBlockone about EOSIO hardware wallet support and compatibility.

Hi there, and thank you for your questions! We currently have only a command line wallet, called keosd. You can read more about it over on GitHub.

In general, our software supports elliptic curve keys validation to include the secp256r1 curve. This is the standard created by NIST and used by Apple, Android, and many Smart Cards. Therefore, the community can build their own hardware wallet solutions if they choose to. A good place to discuss this is on our EOS Developers Telegram chat group

-Developer Relations team

@krypto_slay asks #AskBlockone: When will we ‘see’ real world applications?

Thanks for the question, @krypto_slay. It is up to the community at large to develop applications for the EOSIO blockchain. is a provider of open-source software that can be used freely by the community. There are a number of applications announced already, and a Google search for “EOS DAPP List” will bring up many lists, such as the one at However, remember that none of these lists are official communications and have been compiled by members of the EOSIO developer community. You can learn more about the projects building on EOSIO blockchain in this video:

-Blockchain Development team

@expaand asks #AskBlockone: Bitcoin uses Proof of Work to make changes to older blocks computationally unfeasible. What features does EOS have to perform a similar function in a hack-proof manner?

Thanks for your question, @expaand. EOSIO implements the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm. You can read about it in detail in our Technical White Paper as well as in numerous blog posts, including this one.

-Blockchain Development team

@FarhanS44445007 asks #AskBlockone: How context-free actions will be able to achieve confidentiality in transactions like zk-snarks?

Zk-snarks compiles to Web Assembly and context-free actions allows parallel validation and pruning of proofs. Dan Larimer, our CTO, wrote about context-free actions before. You can read his thoughts here on this blog post.

-Blockchain Development team

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