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The EOSIO Developer Portal is Live!’s growing Developer Relations team is delighted to announce that, coinciding with the release of Version 1.0 of the EOSIO software, the EOSIO Developer Portal is also live. The portal includes everything you need for onboarding with the EOSIO platform, including high-level documentation, SDK references, and basic and advanced guides and tutorials. If you’re interested in building on the EOSIO platform, you can start here:

As you probably know, has been busy ramping up its Developer Relations team to support both the software’s widespread adoption and the organic growth of an EOSIO developer community. Today’s launch of our Developer Portal marks the first release of an official resource aimed at the developer community and it offers a plethora of support to teams building on the platform.

We encourage feedback from the community, so if you have any suggestions on the content or structure of the portal, please send your feedback to [email protected].

We are also hiring for positions across Developer Relations and a host of other functions. All jobs are posted on — so please visit the site if you, or anyone you know, may be interested in joining the team.

“Dev Relations is our interface between our core developer team and the wider development community,” said Serg Metelin,’s Head of Developer Relations. “It’s essential that we have a dynamic, outward-facing infrastructure to help third-party developers become users of EOSIO and for the community to expand.”

As builds out that infrastructure, its Developer Relations operations will involve three pillars:

  1. Developer Support, including proactive creation of EOSIO-related content across multiple channels, as well as traditional reactive support functions.
  2. Developer Outreach, through hosting events, speaking at conferences and engaging in advocacy to on-board third-party developers and unearth the transformative projects that will deliver on blockchain’s promise for humanity.
  3. Technology and Education Partnerships, to bring on strategic third-party partners such as consultancies and educational institutions who can help EOSIO achieve its intrinsic potential and create third party training courses and certification.

Thanks for your continued support of the EOSIO Platform. We look forward to working together more closely with the community!

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