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Integration, Not Isolation: Help Us Solve the Challenge to Connect Blockchain

At the start of a new decade, we wanted to kick off with something big for the developer community.

Welcome to the EOSIO Challenge. We are offering a US$ 200,000 prize to the winning developer who can help shape the future of blockchain and bring developer communities together.

This initiative will increase collaboration throughout the blockchain ecosystem by introducing solutions that promote scalability and connectivity.

Raring to go? For this first challenge, developers will be asked to run Solidity Smart Contracts within an EOSIO Smart Contract.

Whether you’re already an EOSIO veteran or a newcomer, the Challenge is looking for competitors with a collaborative spirit who can engineer breakthroughs within the industry, enabling the technology to work for mainstream markets.

Are you ready to be a part of the solution? For eligibility requirements and additional details, check out the website.

To learn more about’s community programs, go to EOS.IO.

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