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EOSIO 1.7.0 Highlights: Networking, API, and Core Tools

As a contributor to the development and enhancement of the EOSIO software, we are pleased to confirm a stable release is available for EOSIO. You can find more detail about EOSIO v1.7.0 in the GitHub repository. Documentation, as always, is updated on the EOSIO Developer Portal.

In order to make our contribution, we are actively engaged in how businesses are building applications on the EOSIO software, and we are continually making proposals to improve the developer experience with EOSIO.

Highlights in EOSIO v1.7.0

P2P Networking & Real Time Transaction Throughput

Along with our goal in keeping EOSIO among the fastest protocols on the market, our development efforts in this release are focused on improving the peer-to-peer level communication between nodes operating on the EOSIO software and real-time transaction throughput. This release improves performance by creating a priority queue for the main application thread that assigns high priority for block production and block propagation, all the while relegating transaction processing (#6577) to a lower priority. Additionally, multithreading support for net_plugin (#6725) and http_plugin (#6687) also contributes to improved performance.

RPC API Enhancements (#6572)

A new method that has been added to the RPC API is get_supported_apis that allows applications like wallets to discover the current set of activated plugins on an API server. This allows for a better customized user experience that can reflect the capabilities provided by the API server to the wallet.

REX Support In cleos (#6785)

This update adds cleos support for REX-related actions by creating the cleos system rex subcommand and associated sub-subcommands that correspond to different actions.

Improved Default Value Handling (#6620)

This update improves the way default values for settings in config.ini are handled and enables the code to specify appropriate values for defaults, unless the user had previously explicitly overrode the default values in config.ini.

There have been changes in dependencies and libraries deprecated in this release. A full list of issues for EOSIO v1.7.0 can be found in the GitHub repository.

Community Developer Support

In addition to our growing team at, we would like to send special thanks to a few community contributors who have submitted patches for this release. We are grateful for your contributions and commitment to the growth of the EOSIO software:

  • @coderobe
  • @conr2d
  • @xtuc
  • @EvertonMelo
  • @baegjae
  • @huangminghuang
  • @bspark8
  • @kesar
  • @firesWu
  • @v-gu

Going Forward

Release Candidates

A brief reminder that new versions of EOSIO will be marked as ‘Release Candidates’ (-rc) when ready for first compiled release to allow for more thorough testing and documentation. After a few cycles of feedback and the completion of documentation, the release will be promoted to ‘stable’. In the case of v1.7.0-rc2, we have named it v1.7.0 and merged it into master on the GitHub repository.

Stay Connected

If you are interested in providing feedback and working more closely with our team to improve the EOSIO software for developers, you can send our developer relations team an email at [email protected].

You can also keep up to date with future updates by subscribing to our mailing list on the EOSIO Developer Portal. We are excited to be continually improving the usability of the software for EOSIO developers as we continue laying a foundation for the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Disclaimer: makes its contribution on a voluntary basis as a member of the EOSIO community and is not responsible for ensuring the overall performance of the software or any applications related thereto. We make no representation, warranty, guarantee or undertaking in respect of the releases described herein, the related GitHub release, the EOSIO software or any documentation related to any of the foregoing, whether expressed or implied, and disclaim all liability that may arise from any use of the software or documentation for any purpose. Any test results or performance figures are indicative and will not reflect performance under all conditions. Any reference to any third party or third-party product, resource or service is not an endorsement or recommendation by

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