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EOSIO Testnet Launch

EOSIO Testnet Launch

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our EOSIO Testnet, simplifying how you develop, debug, and deploy EOSIO smart contracts for applications.

Create your EOSIO Developer account now, and start testing smart contracts on the EOSIO Testnet.

Test Confidently and with Ease

The EOSIO Testnet is a public facing testing network that follows the latest stable releases of EOSIO. It allows developers to test their applications knowing that smart contracts deployed on the EOSIO Testnet will behave similarly to production environments running the latest stable release of EOSIO, currently EOSIO 2.

Take advantage of these useful features designed to help developers engineer their EOSIO projects:

  • Multi-Node Testnet
    • Live multi-node Testnet following the latest EOSIO stable releases for the most accurate testing environment.
  • EOSIO Testnet Monitor
    • Track, pause, and resume block propagation, transaction, and data flow display in real-time when testing your smart contracts.
  • Real World Testing
    • Operated on a distributed set of Block Producing nodes to simulate real world network conditions.
  • Snapshots
    • Snapshots are included so you can easily sync your testnet nodes without needing to replay the blockchain.
  • Built by
    • Test with confidence using the only official public EOSIO Testnet engineered by
EOSIO Testnet Announcement

Set Up and Start Building Right Away

Account management is easy. Create a primary account to deploy your smart contract to the testnet, push actions to a deployed smart contract, and seamlessly create more accounts to test permissions and multi-user scenarios.

Create your EOSIO developer account and start building on EOSIO today!

Stay Connected

We’re hard at work engineering powerful developer tools, like the EOSIO Testnet, to streamline how you deploy blockchain applications. To provide feedback and improve EOSIO for developers, message our Developer Relations team at [email protected].

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