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EOSIO Labs™ Release: The EOSIO™ Explorer is pleased to announce the release of EOSIO Explorer, a new web-based graphical user interface to improve the developer experience of interacting and monitoring EOSIO-based applications and networks in development.

Previously, developers would have to use a command-line based toolchain that, while functional, is less user-friendly and more difficult for developers who prefer a visual interface. Using the EOSIO Explorer and their browser, developers can now easily explore blocks in their development nodes, create and manage their development accounts and keys, quickly generate new transactions or resend transactions sent previously, upload smart contracts via a graphical drag-and-drop interface and use other helpful features.

The EOSIO Explorer builds on previous releases from, aimed at making development on the EOSIO codebase more user-friendly and accessible to all types of developers. Most importantly, this tool helps developers reduce EOSIO app development time through a number of ways and makes EOSIO smart contract development more accessible to a diverse cohort of developers.

The tool has been built with developers and development teams in mind, supporting both smart contract developers and front-end EOSIO app developers. Teams are able to work together using the EOSIO Explorer via the local single-node testnet that the tool provides.

EOSIO Explorer Functionality

The EOSIO Explorer features are split into two groups:


Inspecting features allow developers to view connected blockchain information, individual block, transaction and action details, and accounts details with associated smart contracts. This is most useful for verifying data transmitted between an application and the blockchain and verifying functionality of a smart contract.


Interacting features allow developers to edit, import and create development accounts — with relevant public and private key pairings, upload and deploy smart contracts and generated ABIs, and push actions coded in smart contracts. This is most useful for user testing and verifying accounts interacting with your application.

Stay Connected with EOSIO Labs

Through EOSIO Labs, will continue releasing our thoughts and research on projects like this for the EOSIO developer community. Creating developer tools like the EOSIO Explorer marks another step towards improving the developer experience on EOSIO. We welcome continued community support in shaping how to grow this tool to be most valuable in the development process.

If you are interested in providing feedback and working more closely with our team to improve the EOSIO Labs repositories for developers, you can post issues and pull requests on GitHub or send our developer relations team an email at [email protected].

You can also stay informed of future updates by subscribing to our mailing list on the EOSIO Developer Portal. We are excited to be regularly improving the usability of the software for EOSIO developers as we continue to lay a foundation for the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

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