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Build Your First Smart Contract on EOSIO

Learn how to build your first EOSIO smart contract.

  • Duration: 60 mins
  • Duration: 60 mins

What was covered

During this webinar, participants learned how to build their first EOSIO smart contract. Rakesh “Bob” Ghatvisave, Technical Writer at, taught the main technical components of EOSIO: nodeos, cleos, EOSIO.cdt, and various SDKs.

  • EOSIO Platform Introduction
  • The “Hello, World!” Smart Contract
  • Accounts and Permissions
  • Actions, Transactions, and Communication Model
  • Data Persistence

Meet the speaker

Rakesh “Bob” Ghatvisave

Technical Writer

Rakesh Ghatvisave is a Technical Writer on the Developer Relations team at With over 10 years of experience in enterprise technical communications, he’s a content philanthropist and contributes to the EOSIO platform developer documentation ( In his leisure time, Rakesh explores Hong Kong’s awe-inspiring Victoria Harbor to satisfy his uncanny obsession with skyscrapers. And one more thing: he’s a Steve Jobs fanboy.