EOS Stake-Based
Voting & Rewards Proposal

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About the proposal

Since the inception of EOSIO, its public implementations continue to be some of the most powerful open-source networks which aligns the interests of network operators and token holders alike. To contribute to the ongoing effort of achieving incentive alignment between network participants, we engaged Prysm Group to analyze the proposed migration towards a staking rewards model for the EOS Public Blockchain, culminating in the Stake-Baked Voting & Rewards Proposal.

If adopted, this model has the potential to further increase alignment between all network participants by distributing inflation to anyone who engages in supporting consensus and securing the blockchain, which we believe is a more equitable approach to sharing inflation.

As a next step, we hope the proposal will spark discussions within the community as various stakeholders begin to test the proposed code.

The staking rewards proposal

Block.one engaged leading consultants Prysm Group to analyze the effects of a staking rewards model on the EOS Public Blockchain.

Code repository and bug bounty

Submit comments and issues directly to the code repository or participate in the Bug Bounty Program.

Block Producers

Block Producers are encouraged to test, review, and provide feedback on the model as engagement with the model is a factor we will consider in allocating our votes. All Block Producers who wish to be considered should publish their findings on the platform(s) of their choice, and submit publicly accessible links through the form.

*This testing program is designed to focus on the code itself, not the example economic parameters put forth by Prysm Group in the Stake-Based Voting and Rewards Mechanism White Paper. No feedback on the example economic parameters will be considered by Block.one or Prysm. Such feedback should instead be shared with and discussed by the EOS Network community, as the community, and not Prysm Group or Block.one, will be responsible for determining and adopting the specific parameters that best meet the community’s needs.

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