A JavaScript library to interact with EOSIO blockchains

EOSJS is a JavaScript library for integration with EOSIO-based blockchains using the EOSIO RPC API. This library was made to provide a JavaScript interface for interaction between end-user web applications and EOSIO blockchains. As a significant number of applications are developed in JavaScript, this library is designed to lend greater support to the ecosystem at large and sets industry best practices for web application interaction with EOSIO blockchains.

The latest major update for EOSJS included built-in support for interchangeable signature providers; removing the burden of handling secure key management from their scope and improving interoperability. Most importantly, this is a major security improvement that limits exposure of a user’s keys across many applications to a single trusted signature provider mitigating potential risks that can arise from malicious code or user error when using blockchain applications.


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