With more organizations seeking to grow their business through blockchain-based applications and integrations, EOSIO Premier Technical Support delivers peace of mind with specialized expertise from EOSIO technicians.

Multi-tiered service options from EOSIO Premier Technical Support allow EOSIO application administrators to maintain blockchain stability while in-house teams focus on other mission-critical tasks core to their business.

Expert Support for EOSIO

EOSIO Premier Technical Support allows your in-house team to rely on the engineering experts who built EOSIO. We work with your team to reduce the risks associated with building, deploying, and operating blockchain networks by rapidly identifying and resolving technical issues.

EOSIO Premier Technical Support engineers manage technical issues to mitigate their impact on operations without affecting the bandwidth of an existing in-house team. Customers can rely on EOSIO Support technicians to find answers, implement solutions, and minimize unplanned downtime.

For example, a company deploys a supply chain management application that makes use of a blockchain for inventory management and provenance. EOSIO Premier Technical Support provides the in-house team access to engineers who can identify and resolve EOSIO-related issues, freeing up resources for the business to focus on logistics operations.

EOSIO Support technicians can also help with an architectural review of the company’s blockchain application, as well as guidance with tuning and custom configurations. When the business is ready to deploy or update the application’s smart contract to add new blockchain-powered features to the platform, EOSIO Support can provide assistance to resolve any issues that may occur.

Choose The Plan That Suits Your Needs 

EOSIO Premier Technical Support’s tiered plans give any organization the choice to select an option that best suits individual requirements and budgets. Every plan offers access to helpdesk support from 9am to 6pm ET Monday through Friday, including email and Zendesk support. 

Additional support tiers afford a Slack channel with immediate access to engineers during business hours, an application architectural review, tuning and custom configuration guidance, as well as ongoing support for outages. More advanced tiers provide faster issue resolution and up to two weeks of launch support from a dedicated onsite or remote engineer, as well as year-round 24/7 helpdesk access.

Whether your platform is deployed on a private chain, as illustrated above, or interfaces with a public network, EOSIO Premier Technical Support can help to make blockchain technology work for you.

Stay Connected

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