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EOSIO For Business: New Services to Help Design and Build Blockchain Solutions

EOSIO for Business

As blockchain-based solutions become part of the business technology stack, they must be accessible, but they must also meet industry-level performance, reliability, and security standards. 

With EOSIO, has created a blockchain system designed for high performance, scalability, and ease of use. It utilizes proven design patterns and technologies such as event sourcing, web assembly, and in-memory multi-index databases. EOSIO developers are empowered with the ability to leverage decades of development in C and C++ libraries without the traditional downsides of memory management. They can build highly scalable and performant blockchain-based applications faster than ever, without having to learn a new language. EOSIO enables developers to prioritize what matters – their business logic – while providing the blockchain benefits of determinism, auditability, replication, immutability, and cryptographic security.

In an effort to make EOSIO more accessible and adaptable for enterprises, we’re introducing a suite of services: EOSIO Premier Technical Support, EOSIO Blockchain-as-a-Service, and EOSIO Consulting. We’re also launching EOSIO Training and Certification, a virtual campus of learning. These services can help organizations integrate blockchain-based solutions for critical business operations and remain at the forefront of their industry. 

Creating EOSIO for Business 

These new services reflect and adhere to the fourth pillar of our EOSIO Strategic Vision. Shared at #B1June last year, that vision is a commitment to deliver platform upgrades that enhance the flexibility of EOSIO’s consensus protocol, as well as the security and integrity of data stored on EOSIO blockchains, and that enhance private chains and business operations. 

EOSIO for Business is here to help clients ensure their projects meet industry standards and stay on par with traditional non-blockchain technologies by providing access to the native knowledge of engineers and developers whose expertise supports and evolves projects.

EOSIO Premier Technical Support

EOSIO Premier Technical Support provides several support tiers for troubleshooting issues and delivering technical assistance to help anyone launch and maintain operations for an EOSIO implementation. With multiple support options available, EOSIO Premier Technical Support is able to assist from initial application design to execution and launch.

EOSIO Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)

EOSIO BaaS is an automated blockchain platform. Fully managed by a dedicated BaaS team, it provides not just peace of mind, but it also enables organizations of any size to continue focusing on their own operations by removing ongoing maintenance. Comprising different tiers, clients can choose the EOSIO BaaS model that best suits the needs of their ongoing business.

EOSIO Consulting

Built to support enterprises and startups alike, EOSIO Consulting provides direct access to’s industry-leading EOSIO engineers. With consulting services, clients can better identify, architect, and implement solutions that align with the requirements of ongoing blockchain operations. 

For those taking their first steps developing and deploying on the EOSIO platform, EOSIO Consulting augments in-house developer teams. It’s now possible to leverage specialized technical expertise to aid in the development of highly-performant and reliable blockchain solutions.

EOSIO Training and Certification

As more organizations and businesses begin embracing blockchain-based solutions, a skilled  developer workforce will be required to support their visions and create solutions. Knowing that innovation and change comes through education, we’ve created a virtual campus for courses in training and certification that range from beginner to advanced – an avenue to give the next generation of blockchain developers the tools they’ll need to succeed. 

EOSIO Training and Certification programs are designed to help blockchain developers acquire and certify their skills and become valuable assets who shape and contribute to a growing industry.

Attendees can access comprehensive courses covering the foundations of EOSIO blockchains, from basic to advanced smart contract programming and auditing, best security practices for integrations, and more. Introductory courses can be accessed at no cost for a limited time.

Stay Connected is dedicated to helping everyone make the most of EOSIO, from established businesses to startups. If you would like to know more about our offerings, or inquire about bespoke business services, you can contact our business relations team at

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