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Progress Your Blockchain Project with EOSIO BaaS

EOSIO BaaS enables organizations of all sizes to build projects on the EOSIO infrastructure without having to run and maintain their own blockchain network. This gives you the peace of mind and confidence to make progress on your blockchain projects.

EOSIO BaaS is a fully managed, secure environment for businesses seeking to utilize EOSIO blockchains. This service is designed to provide a blockchain solution for organizations with time, cost, operational constraints, or that may not be able to expend the resources normally associated with the in-house deployment and maintenance of a blockchain.

Bring blockchain-backed projects and applications to market faster with EOSIO BaaS. Reduce costs and mitigate the risks associated with the ongoing maintenance and administration of a blockchain platform. Take advantage of a more rapidly scaling knowledge curve with optional access to support services as necessary. Choose among multiple options for the coverage plan that works best.

As the architects of EOSIO, engineers possess extensive knowledge of the platform. As a result, EOSIO BaaS gives organizations confidence in knowing their blockchain-facing infrastructure is being managed by a team with unique insight into EOSIO. This collective knowledge and expertise is available for less than it would typically cost to bring on a full-stack blockchain developer.

How EOSIO BaaS Works

EOSIO BaaS is best suited for businesses that need to focus on ongoing operations. Our teams deliver a purpose-built, preconfigured blockchain infrastructure.

For example, suppose a gaming studio wants to launch a blockchain integration to introduce an in-game rewards feature. The company has started development on EOSIO but must also roll out ongoing game updates. EOSIO BaaS can manage the backend of the blockchain infrastructure so the studio won’t need to delegate resources from their development team or hire a full-time blockchain developer to manage operations. We bring the expertise to help the studio scale and launch the new feature seamlessly.

Once the game is launched, EOSIO BaaS provides ongoing blockchain maintenance and management. With the comprehensive premium coverage plan, the studio can utilize up to 80 hours of launch support from a dedicated onsite engineer. The studio also receives 24×7 live tech support and enough RAM, storage, and monthly data to support a thriving community of gamers.

So while the game continues to be updated, EOSIO BaaS ensures it won’t affect the daily operations or user interactions on the front end. This provides the studio peace of mind and frees up the in-house team to improve the player experience, or focus on other mission critical tasks.

The predictable pricing of EOSIO BaaS allows the gaming studio to properly anticipate costs and budget accordingly. If the studio’s needs evolve, it can customize its EOSIO BaaS plan to suit the changing pace of business.

Beyond the gaming world, EOSIO BaaS offers all industries the same fully managed EOSIO blockchain administration, monitoring, and operation experience. EOSIO BaaS enables an organization to rapidly deploy a blockchain-based integration, connect blockchain apps, and deploy and host smart contracts on an EOSIO blockchain infrastructure developed and managed by

Stay Connected is dedicated to making it easy for everyone to make the most of EOSIO from established businesses entities to startups. If you would like to know more about our EOSIO BaaS, or inquire about bespoke business services, you can contact our business relations team at

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