The EOS Resource Model Proposal

Join and the global blockchain community to improve
resource allocation on the EOS Network.


Introducing the Bounty Program

Find bugs and vulnerabilities to earn rewards and strengthen the EOS Network.

About the Model

Increasing alignment within the EOS Network

Managing and allocating blockchain resources is paramount to a network’s long-term success. On the EOS Network, resources often go unused despite demand, and usage doesn’t always align with cost.

To strengthen the EOS Network, we invite you to test our proposed EOS Resource Model, leave feedback, and join the bounty program.

We believe this proposed model, if adopted, would further increase access to resources across EOS token holders, bring true resource cost in line with actual usage, and further reduce the average cost of transacting.

Explore & Build

See how the code works behind the upgraded resource model.

The Testnets

Test the new resource model through two community-operated testnets.


Block Producers

Engagement is key to governance. We will consider voting for block producer candidates who provide in-depth feedback about our proposed EOS Resource Model. We welcome both positive and critical opinions.

dApp Developers

The EOS Network supports complex applications with nuanced user experiences. With our proposed new resource model, these experiences may change. If you’re an EOS-based application developer, let us know what you think.

Press Release Invites EOS Community to Test Proposed Resource Model

By offering bounties for discovery of critical issues and adding resource model testing and engagement to block producer voting criteria, is calling on the EOS developer community to help test the model...


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